Wildlife Food Plot Seed

A food plot is an annual or perennial planting of grain, legumes, and forbs (wildflowers and some “weeds” such as foxtail, ragweed and smartweeds). A food plot offers wildlife a place to forage for food in late fall, winter and early spring after field crops are harvested. It is left standing over winter to encourage wildlife use. Where fall plowing buries the majority of crop residue, food plots are an excellent choice to encourage wildlife survival.

When incorporated with grasses, such as on Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) land, it compliments the grass cover already present. Food plots alone are not good habitat cover. Landowners should strive to provide permanent wildlife habitat for the target species. Food plots target deer, quail, turkey, rabbits and songbirds. Seed should be planted in spring and left standing over winter. One food plot is recommended for every forty (40) acres.

Every spring, the Scott County Soil and Water Conservation District has wildlife food plot seed available to landowners. The cost of the seed for Spring 2023 is $9 per bag. Each bag provides enough seed for a quarter-acre plot.

In the fall, we offer a Garden Cover Crop/ Wildlife Food Plot Seed bag. Used as a cover crop on the garden, the seeding helps to prevent erosion and improves soil health by increasing soil organic matter, reducing soil compaction, and managing weeds.