Our People

 Board of Supervisors



John Hardin

John has served on the SWCD Board since 1999 and was elected Chairman in January 2001. He raises tobacco, hay and grain as well as registered Limousine Cattle. He also sells freezer beef. In addition to farming, John holds a full time job at American Plastic Molding. He has two boys, Kirk and Kevin. In 1999, John was awarded a Tobacco production Award from Purdue University and Philip Morris. He has also been nominated for the Mayors Good Neighbor Award. John was designated as a River Friendly Farmer in 2014.

Patt Larr
Vice Chairman

Pat recently retired from her position as Scott County District Conservationist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) after 35 years of government service. She is a graduate of Purdue University and began her career with NRCS as a Soil Conservationist in Scott County in 1976. Pat owns and operates a 257 acre farm in Scott County where she enjoys raising approximately 100 meat goats as well as other animals. She also enjoys working with crop land, forest, and wildlife on her farm where she applies first-hand the same conservation principles that she has spent years helping others to implement. Pat is the 2016 River Friendly Farmer in Scott County.

Jeff McNeely

Jeff was elected to the SWCD Board in 2014. He is employed by the City of Scottsburg. In his spare time, Jeff farms about 100 acres. He plants mostly soybeans and corn. He works with conservation practices including cover crops and no-till planting. As a result, Jeff has developed a desire to protect the natural resources and preserve conservation efforts in Scott County.

Dan Smith

Dan is a lifelong resident of Scott County. He graduated from Scottsburg High School. Dan is retired from Cummins as well as American Family Insurance. He has been involved with Farm Bureau for many years and currently serves as the president. Dan is also active with the Agribusiness board and the FFA Advisory Board. Dan regularly implements best management conservation practices. He has been strictly no-tilling since 1992. He also has waterways and buffer strips installed on his farm. Dan realizes the importance of the protection of our valued resources and hopes to be able to continue to learn and teach others about the importance of conservation through the SWCD Board.

Matt Oberlies

Matt was originally appointed supervisor in 2006. He has been re-appointed and will serve until his term ends in 2015. He is employed as an Ag Loan Officer for Farm Credit Services. Matt's farming operation consists of corn, soybeans, forages and custom baling. He is married to the former Erin McGuire and they have a daughter together. Matt was recently chosen to be a part of the Indiana Ag Leadership Program.




Linda Jackson

Scott County Soil and Water Conservation District District Coordinator

Jennifer Kipper

Natural Resources Conservation Service District Conservationist

Laura Fribley

Indiana Department of Agriculture District Support Specialist